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Bacon Wrapped Venison Fatty

Here is the break down on the cost. My receipt shows $18.27 , however I did not use everything pictured or on the receipt. I did not use the Hot Cereal or Lucinda's Basil Leaves and I purchased two Green peppers but only used one. Total deductions 18.27 - 5.29 = 12.98. Now add in the venison cost. A buddy of mine drove his truck, used his gas, his gun, and his rounds. Harvested a buck and we agreed to split the processing fees. We paid 75.00 for 60 - packages of ground meat and sausage. Comes to 1.25 / .lb. and I used only 2/3 of each package for this meal. Comes to $ .84/package a total of $1.68. Now 12.98 +1.68=14.66. Pics to follow later, once I download them.

The Ingredients - remember I did not use the Oat meal,the Basil and used only 1 Bell pepper.

The Receipt

The Bacon weaved very nicely, used apple smoked thick cut bacon.

Layer 1 - Put the Venison Ground meat on top of the Weaved bacon and placed onions and bell peppers and Cheese on top of venison.

Layer 2 - Then layered the Venison Sausage, put onions and bell peppers and cheese on top of that

Rolled carefully with the help of tin foils and here is the Fatty Log

Ah!! The sides, teriyaki soaked green beans, wrapped with the remaining bacon and rolled in Brown sugar.

The Machines!!!

Red Potatoes soaked in Salt, Garlic, and Onion Powder.

Ah!! The sides, again on the grill.

The Perfect temp for low and slow, cooked the Fatty for about 2 1/2 hours.

Now resting for 45 minutes.

The Slices, now that looks pretty good.

And now Mr. Bigamus Bytamus the finale and please use this last pic as my money shot pic. Enjoy!!!
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