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Originally Posted by jordan85 View Post
Hey thanks for the reply!

For the burn-in, it's ok to just throw it in the bottom of the barrel isn't it?


I hear you on the temperature gauges. In fact, one of the reasons I wanted to do this build (among many others) was so that I could buy a Maverick ET732 w/ the money saved. With that setup, there's really no need for a gauge on the smoker, so maybe I will just skip adding a gauge altogether.

I would

As for the HF drill bits... could somebody point me to the bits I could use? I am not a handy-man and I was just imitating the drill bits I saw in norco's tutorial, but I have no idea what they are called, or if there is a more cost-efficient option to make the holes.

See image make sure they will drill the right size you need... there are several different sets some go larger than others...

And you wouldn't worry about the concrete curing compound? I already have all my hardware ready. I'd love to get started on my burn-in tonight so I could hopefully get one good cook on this before I have to leave town for a week...

Unless you can see a hazard warning on it, I'd rinse, burn and use..

Good luck!

I threw in a few more photo's in the last post to make your mouth water so you'll hurry up and get it done...!
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