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Found some matches.
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Hey thanks for the reply!

For the burn-in, it's ok to just throw it in the bottom of the barrel isn't it?

I hear you on the temperature gauges. In fact, one of the reasons I wanted to do this build (among many others) was so that I could buy a Maverick ET732 w/ the money saved. With that setup, there's really no need for a gauge on the smoker, so maybe I will just skip adding a gauge altogether.

As for the HF drill bits... could somebody point me to the bits I could use? I am not a handy-man and I was just imitating the drill bits I saw in norco's tutorial, but I have no idea what they are called, or if there is a more cost-efficient option to make the holes.

And you wouldn't worry about the concrete curing compound? I already have all my hardware ready. I'd love to get started on my burn-in tonight so I could hopefully get one good cook on this before I have to leave town for a week...
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