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1) I am planning on cutting my airflow holes before the burn-in to increase the fire's efficiency, but I am following norcoredneck's plan, so the holes need to maintain the ability to be threaded by nipples. I am assuming this won't be an issue, but I just wanted someone to verify before I risk ruining a drum. You'll be fine

1 bag of charcoal and lots of scraps... no pine...! or go to harbor freight and buy a propane weed burner, connect it to your gas grill tank!

2) Is there anything I should/can do after the burn-in to increase the longevity of my drum's useful lifespan? Also, I have read about people painting their drums after the burn-in period. If I were to do this, is there a specific type of paint that should be used, or is painting a bad idea altogether?

Yes! clean the outside of burnt paint residue, paint with high heat paint

3) What are people using for handles? I searched at HD and Lowes, but everything I could find lacked an insert to shield the heat. I have a couple of handles I pulled off the ECB this will be replacing, but they are pretty beat-up and I would just assume use new ones if I could find them.

Many differnt kinds

4) Is there any argument for/against using a bung smokestack on the lid? I was thinking I would opt for the bung smokestack option all things equal. If I were to go this route, should I still add a few holes around the top of the lid, or would one to two smokestacks be sufficient?

one stack is fine in the large bung about 4-6" long

5) Of the smoker thermometers I can get for > $20, is there any one recommended over the other, or is it basically apples to apples?

i would not reccommend any of the screw in's with a 5" or shorter probe i would instead reccomend a digital with probe leads and just lay it on or suspend it from your grill grate.

6) Are there places that might drill some of these holes for me? I have the basic drill bits to create holes for the bolts to hold the grates, but I had to pay close to $30 for the bits used to create the 3/4" and 1" diameter holes, and was hoping to not have to use them so I could return them.

Once again harbor freight buy a step drill set for about $14.00

7) What are the previously contained materials that are hazardous and will not be remedied by a burn-in that I should be weary of when purchasing my drum?

I would not worry about it unless it was like zylene or some weird pest killing chemical or there is a hazard marking on the drum. Most people would not even sell you a drum like that as they as considered hazardous waste...


Good luck with your build!

my drum!

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