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Default Friday Last Minute Cook (pron)

The lady and I had planned on going out to dinner with a few friends on Friday night only to be last minute ditched by our friends on account of a surprise family visit. While we understood, we were still VERY hungry and looking forward to a good meal.

I had some local produce from my vegetable co-op lying around and decided that a smokey pork tenderloin sounded about right. I ran to the local meat market and snagged one, rubbed it with mustard and the "smokehouse rub" from Williams & Sonoma. I also injected with a little ginger teriyaki for fun.

I used the "iGrill" that I recently got for my birthday (which is hilarious, btw) and watched my tenderloin cook from the comfort of my kitchen where I prepared everything else. My wife's maiden name is "Wong" (she's half chinese) so I try to incorporate "Wong" into everything I do in attempt to celebrate her as often as possible (hence pork "tenderwong").

I cooked the pork to 145, made a little quinoa and used the same ginger teriyaki to saute the veggies (home grown: tomatoes, green and red peppers and eggplant).

It turned out...well...BOO-YAH.

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