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Default My official Noobian entry!

OK Here is my official entry!

I bought 2 catfish fillets from the store. I had some little aluminum pans in the cabinets. So I put one in each pan, rubbed them down with olive oil and a lemon and herb rub, then I put a little bit of Tallgrass's Halcyon wheat. Then I let them marinate a little while the smoker came up to temp and everything. While I was getting the smoker ready my wife rubbed some corn down with butter and S&P and then wrapped the husks back over them to cook with the fish.

when the smoker got up to about 200 I threw the fish and corn on with some apple wood chunks. I didnt get any mid cook pictures because I got busy drinking beer and talking with neighbors....

I took them off after about 2.5-3 hours when it started to flake. After removing the husks from the corn I plated it all up (which I actually got pictures of this time!).

The fish must of been the best food I have smoked so far. I think I will be doing this cook again very soon! Thanks to Kickassbbq for the great recipe I found on this site!!!

Please use that picture above for the entry!
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