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Default Packer Brisket in a Small BGE

Someone asked if a whole brisket could be cooked on a Small Egg. I'd never thought about cramming a packer onto my Small but after the question was asked, I thought why not look for one small enough to fit and give it a shot?

While shopping for a brisket for the "Noobians vs Veterans" Throwdown last weekend I found a choice grade 10.05 lb brisky that looked like a good candidate for my Brisket in a Small experiment so I brought it home.

The brisket was trimmed, rubbed, draped over an upside down Lodge cast iron 1 QT kettle and smoked away over some hickory. Length of brisket was 16" and the Small grid diameter is 13" so I chose to drape it to fit.

It was easy to get internal temps with the brisket up high in the dome:

No foiling, spritzing, or mopping on this cook. The brisket shrank enough to remove the CI kettle near the end and I ended up flipping it fat side up to allow the ends to sit up a little higher and cook a little more (the center being high up in the dome was already probe tender while the thin end was not - definitely backwards from what I'm used to when cooking flat on the grid):

Pulled when the flat was probe tender.

Foiled/rested for about an hour during which I cooked up some corn on the cob on the Small (still plenty of lump for this). Brisket removed from the cooler and sliced:

My one complaint was the CI kettle was a mess and a bit of a pain to clean afterwards:

Admittedly I did pick off & eat that little bit of meat on the kettle leg.

It was a fun cook and I'm glad the Small passed the test but I don't think I'd try a packer on a Mini Egg!

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