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Originally Posted by keale View Post
for a 3/4 inch nipple, ......ummmm 3/4 inch drill bit?? You gotta understand whos talking here, I'm "mechanically" disabled"!
I actually had all 4 1/2 inchers, but now I have one 3/4 inch nipple, why? cause the hole I drilled became too big after I filed it down!! I tell all my buddies its all in the design plan, and its critical to have that one 3/4 inch nipple!
Not sure if this has been answered yet, because I've only got this far on this HUGE thread. But if using 3/4" nipples which have an ID of 3/4" you need to use an 1 1/8" hole saw or unibit (step bit) for the OD. Hawaii...AWESOME! Aloha Keale.
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