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Originally Posted by Mdboatbum View Post
These builds just keep getting better and better. Great work!! Just curious why you switched to the SJS halfway through the build?
Well that is a long story but I might as well tell it. I got the SJG on CL for 20 bucks, and then I found a SJS at Target on sale for 15 bucks so I bought it too. Later I got one more SJS at Target for 7 and couldn't help myself. So that why so many Smokey Joes. Anyway here is what happened. When I finished my build I took it over to my friendís house to paint it as I still had a can of paint over there from my UDS build. We like to drink beers while we work... anyway we painted her up late night in the driveway. I had taken the SJG to show him the complete build. I had a few too many and decided to sleep on his couch. I left the project there to cure the black paint as I knew I would be back next weekend to finish the flames. A week later I go back over and painted up the flames, around midnight I ask for my SJG, which he said he didn't have! After a little debate he said hey letís just check the security system to see what happened. He has cameras in his garage and front of his house. Lo and behold there I am carrying it to my wifeís car to put it in the trunk; it was locked so I left it in the front yard. I went back inside to sleep and forgot to get the keys and put in trunk... so we roll the tape to 8am. Then we see a city truck pull up to the yard, guy gets out picks up my grill and puts it in his truck! The camera's got a perfect shot of him and his employee number on the truck. 1 am and his wife immediately calls the cops . When they hear we have it on tape the sheriffs immediately come over as they just have to see it. I have a great time explaining to them the Mini WSM build. They get a copy and a few weeks later the detective working the case brings me back my grill and an apology from the guy. Then the courts decide he needs to pay damages of 60 bucks to cover price of new grill and parts. So in the end I got the entire build for free. Gotta love technology.
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