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Originally Posted by thirdeye View Post
I need to point out that how-to was written by my friend Lynne.... and it's a good one. Not only does it produce good results, it uses TQ which is an excellent choice for home curing.

I think you got all the right answers, which are.... don't worry about the amount of liquid that is or is not in the bag. And as far as food safety, if there is a problem your nose will tell you the instant you cut open the bag. For what it's worth I have never had any cured products go sour, but I did leave a fresh belly in the fridge about 2 days too long one time and it turned on me.
If I may piggy back on the highlighted statement.

Prior to curing, it isn't uncommon to open a package of fresh meat that has been cryoed and get a bit of a sulfer or off smell when first opened. When meat has spoiled, you will know because it will smell sour and it won't go away after it's been rinsed off. Pork will also have a greyish, off color to it when it turns. Beef will start to turn a brownish color.

If it'still pink in color and smells fine after it rinsed, you should be good to go. If the smell is still there after you rinse it and let it sit for a few minutes, err on the side of caution and toss it.

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