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First of all I would like to say its an honor to post in this amazing thread. I am halfway through and soaking up all the info in here like a sponge. I have all my supples and am getting ready to build my first UDS and am sticking to KISS and following the standard Norco design for some tried and true results.

I bought a sheet of 24x24 3/4" expando from HD for my no weld charcoal basket and as I see it I have 2 options:

1.) Cut it in half and use a 18in coal grate - basket thats 12in tall and has a 13.5 in diameter


2.) Cut it into thee pieces and use a 22.5in coal grate - basket thats 8in tall and has a 17.5in diameter

So brethren I ask you this when it comes to charcoal baskets for UDS what's better....length or girth?

I'm assuming a wider basket is better because its further from the fire, but then again I wanted to ask those who have built and have real world answers.

I would like to thank everyone that has contributed to this amazing thread so that people like myself can build something that works on the first try and not have to worth through trial and error.

P.S. Do this thread come with a diploma or some from of certificate of completion when I have finished reading it?

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