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Default Length or girth

First of all I'm halfway through this thread and soaking up all the info like a sponge. Just got ally supplies for a down and dirty no frills UDS with a straight forward build based of Norcos design. It's an honor to be a part of this.

Just want to gather some opinions. I bought a sheet of 24x24 expando from HD and there are two ways to build this.

Cut it in half and use a 18in coal grate with a 13.5in diameter and have a basket that's 13.5in wide and 12 in tall (long and thin)


Cut it into three and use a 22.5in coal grate with a 17in diameter and have a basket that's 17in wide and 8in tall (short and fat)

The way I see it shorter may be better because it's further from the cooking grates.

So after that long winded explanation here is my question.

UDS BBQ Brethren I ask this when it comes to UDS charcoal basket what's better...... Length or Girth?

P.S Is there a diploma that comes with reading this entire thread?
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