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Originally Posted by Peddler View Post
So as I understand it, you are creating an air gap under the ash tray thus decreasing the distance between the coal basket and ash tray if you are trying to maintain the 23 to 24 in distance to the grill (which should be 7 to 8 in below the lip) . Are you also raising the grill? I would think that when the ashes build up in the tray that would be sufficient insulation.
Hey Peddler,

The fire basket and the ash pan are raised. The ash pan sits up 2" above the drum with the feet and the basket is raised about 2". I have 22 1/2" between the two surfaces. I'm going to cook some food in a couple of days and try it out. I threw 5lbs of Kingsfords in there yesterday to season it and played around with the controls. I got about 5 hours out of 5 Lbs. of fuel.

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