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Default Baby Bullet Build Thread (Mini WSM)

I wanted to share my Mini WSM build with you all. After building my UDS I just had to make myself a Mini for camping. I started by finding a new SJG on CL for $20 bucks. Then I got an Imulsa tamale pot at Wal-Mart. After putting the pot on the SJG I noticed that was just not as sturdy as I would like. Since I primarily wanted this thing for camping it needed to be rock solid to withstand wind, dogs, and drunken people. So I crafted a Lip out of the lid and bolted it to the bottom of the pot. I havenít seen this done before but I canít recommend it enough. This thing is rock solid! Wanting to use every part of the pot I then made my diffuser out of the steam rack. I used a step bit to drill larger holes and mount it upside down, works great. I made a charcoal basket out of expanded metal and a handle to lift it in and out. I can get an 8+ hour burn. The height of the basket was set just to the top of the bottom so I could place the rack on it and sear my food. I also added a conduit nut and bolt for my Maverick, keeps it level and away from the heat. To finish it off I painted to match my UDS. I must say these are phenomenal cookers. So without any more chatter here is my Baby Bullet enjoy.

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