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Originally Posted by sparky66 View Post
You want the ash pan to sit off the floor of the drum so more heat radiates up instead of into the base of the drum. What I've read and if you think about it, it does makes sense. It's already built like that anyway. I'm going to do a test burn in a few minutes. I may or may not cut an inch off the feet depending on how things go. I'm also waiting on my dome thermometer but will just be using a candy thermometer today.

So as I understand it, you are creating an air gap under the ash tray thus decreasing the distance between the coal basket and ash tray if you are trying to maintain the 23 to 24 in distance to the grill (which should be 7 to 8 in below the lip) . Are you also raising the grill? I would think that when the ashes build up in the tray that would be sufficient insulation.
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