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Originally Posted by appdesigngeeks View Post
Hi Bobby,

Yea there are plans to add the export excel feature to the webportal?

Have you had chance to use the app on a cook?

Thanks for the feedback!

Not a full cook. I've been waiting on the username/password issue for the port forwarding. I mentioned this in an email, but I'm really leery about forwarding an open port 80 (especially to a live BBQ pit) without some kind of authentication. It sounds like you've implemented it, so I'm going to give it a try tomorrow (Friday) and over the weekend with a couple of cooks. I'll keep you posted.

What I do like, though, is the ability to log into your site and view the logs and graph. I think once you give users to ability to export their data (Excel or even a PDF) you've got a winner.

One thing I'd like -- and I'd like to see this in all the CyberQ apps -- is the ability to add notes to a specific time point on the graph. I'd like to, for example, have a cook going and then with my iPhone add a specific note that's attached to a specific time -- "Brisket on," "Added more wood," etc. etc. -- and then have those notes appear as pop-ups for the overall cooking graph.

I'd also like to see stats over time -- not sure what those would be -- but stuff like "Biggest temp drop" or "Longest cook" or "Shortest cook" -- I don't know exactly. But an app like this would be really useful once you're able to track a single cook and analyze multiple cooks -- essentially looking for patterns. Again, I'm not sure what those would be -- but that kind of analysis (either with my own data and all the data in the aggregate) would really make it a killer BBQ app (for geeks, especially).

Another interesting thing would be giving the user the ability to group together categories of cooks -- all my 'Costo Brisket flat' cooks -- and then looking to see what's the same (or different) when all the cooks are grouped on a single graph. Meat type graphs by weight, by grade, etc. Looking, for example, at the time and temp graphs by weight for, say, pork butts from one supplier versus another.

I realize this is getting way away from the essential core of BBQ, but it seems like a logical (although complex) outgrowth of the CyberQ's wifi ability.
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