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Originally Posted by HKChad View Post
I know it has an issue when rotating the screen, that will make it crash, when you say you can't keep the service running is the app crashing (ie Force Close) or does the service just stop? If the app can't connect to the CyberQ after a few tries (out of range, wifi disconnects, etc) it will terminate itself otherwise it will sit there and keep trying to get updates, eating up battery. I ran some ribs the other day for about 6hrs and never had an issue with the service. Always glad to hear feedback so thanks!


It was only crashing when I was upstairs now that I think about it and my wireless can be a bit spotty up there. I also had it on 2 second updates. I will back it off to at least 30 second updates next time and see how that works. The error that came up flashed by really quick, but it did look like it something about the connection.
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