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Default My sincerest thanks!

I appreciate those of you that supported my candidacy, and those of you who didn't. There have been some days where I've wished for more of the latter!

Effective August 17th, I will no longer serve as a member of the board. There have been several dramatic changes in my life during the year that nobody could have predicted. There have been several health issues within my family this year, and one that will continue for the forseeable future. A planned business venture for next year hasn't worked out, up to this point but will become a priority again as soon as time and other circumstances allow. The list goes on, and includes dealing with settling my Mother's estate.

I have too many responsibilities, not enough time. Equally important is the membership. I believe that they would be better served, by my stepping down now to allow other potential candidates to make their decisions well before the end of nominations in October.
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