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In the US, all the shopping baskets I've ever seen are plastic. Obviously limiting their usefulness in a UDS.

My drum burns roughly a pound of charcoal an hour when smoking. I think you could put some 2-3" bolts through the bottom of that basket to use as legs and capture a pizza pan below it to catch ash.

If you use a heat diffuser, the rectangular shape of the basket wouldn't create hot spots in the smoker.

But before you go too far, make sure it will easily slide into your drum, with the bolts in it to hold the cooking grates. This thing will be getting hot in a hurry and wouldn't want to struggle to get it in.

My basket as an example is 17" in diameter and 8" high. I used 3.5" bolts and drilled holes through a pizza pan to pass the bolts through. After this shot was taken, I've had to slide little pieces of copper pipe onto a couple of the bolts to push the pizza pan down and ensure the gap between the pan and the bottom of the basket grate.

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