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Yes, it is a Smokenator. I like it a lot. I am new to smoking and wanted something that helped simplify the process. It makes it easy so I do not have to worry about direct heat. I remove the water pan and sit that on the food grate, over the cut out for it when I use it. Often I skip the water pan all together.

Downside would be hard to reach higher temperature heats and the need to feed both charcoal and wood if you want to do long smokes. I'd get the hover grill if I bought again, for the extra grill space. It is very handy for being able to shift between a standard grill and a smoker.

I used it with a rib rack to smoke almost 13 pounds of bacon last night. I stood most of the bacon up and it worked like a charm. Gave them 4 hours of hickory smoke in the middle of a tropical storm! I used binder clips to help keep the lid tight to the kettle.

Added Later: I will be doing a smoked turkey for Thanksgiving. I will work from the charcoal grate, using something to raise the turkey a bit higher, but not like it was on the food grate, where it would hit the lid. I plan to use a steel wire setup, much like a beer can chicken holder, to orient the turkey vertically for the smoke. No problem with direct heat because of the Smokenator. I may finish the bird in my kitchen oven where I can control the higher temperatures better, but it will get a minimum 3 to 4 hours of Hickory and Apple smoke, so I have high expectations for a pretty flavorful bird.
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