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Originally Posted by Chocolatesoupcan View Post
Is the blue line on the first graph the fan? So at its max its running as fast as it can, and in the lower parts there is voltage drop reducing fan speed?
Absolutely correct.

The Blue Line is Fan Output. Depending on some pre-defined settings, the output will range from 0 - 100%. In my case, I have max output at 97%. I currently have min output at 60% although I cannot confirm that was the setting when I took this snapshot.

But as voltage to the fan was regulated by the PID, fan speed was adjusted.

I am in the process of performing several air-sealing mods on my kamado while I wait for a replacement pit probe, as soon as I return I will update my posts with new images and more detailed explanations.

One of the things I am looking forward to is more variation in the fan output levels. I would like to see the fan blow at more intermediate speeds to regulate the temperature more finely. I believe I will achieve this when I seal up my kamado better.
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