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Originally Posted by sparky66 View Post
Hello everyone,

New to this forum and just finished making Paul's Ostrom's design for the UDS. Pretty simple but I do have a couple of questions in regard to the build. The only thing that was deviated from the plan was mine has 2" feet instead of 1" on the ash pan which puts the lip of the ash pan @ 2 1/2" above the intakes which were drilled per specs @ 2" on center. My first question is will there be sufficient air flow with the intakes below the ash pan? Even with the original design of 1" legs on ash pan the intakes are about 1" below the lip of the ash pan. Am I looking at the engineering of this wrong. It just seems that the intakes should be more at the level of the actual fire basket and not under the ash pan.

My second question relates to the first one in that because I have 2" feet it leaves only 22 1/2" between the bottom of the fire basket and the cooking surface of grill instead of the desired 24". I lost the 1/2" somewhere else within the basket. If it is a major deal, I can always cut the feet down to 1" and get 23 1/2" between surfaces.

I'm looking to do a test burn tomorrow so input is greatly appreciated.


Welcome Bay Area brother!

I would do a test run and see how your temps hold with current intake config. Maybe throw on a Fattie! You can always change (move holes up) if you need to. You'll just want to do it before you get the cooker too greased up from cooking on it.

On second question...I wouldn't worry too much about the grate being exactly 24" inches above basket. There will always be some variation based on how much fuel you're using anyway. I don't think mine is 24" either and it's always done just fine.
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