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Originally Posted by fastfleetline View Post
i just got 2 closed top drums from a feed store near my the fun can start.....i remember reading about a process of removing the tops a closed drum with a grinder and cutting through 2 or 3 of the metal layers....but i can find the youtube clip..can anyone help....thanks Joe
The closed top drums are really three pieces all fit together. If you can picture it, a machine crimps and rolls the edges of (the rim) of the barrel and the lid to make a "permenant" seal. If you grind away the top edge you will cut through the lid part and release it from the barrel. Before you start cutting be sure of the fit of your lid. If you are using a sealed drum I would assume you will top it off with a kettle lid, right? Dad always said "you can't cut more onto it".
There is something to make note of that is simple but still needs to be considered. Make sure you are fully aware of what was inside that barrel and if it is flamable. Even one that has been emptied and washed out has risk of an explosion. Some have been seriously injured and even died from overlooking this. Mine had thinner in it, was "empty" of fluid but full of fumes. I filled it to overflowing with water and used a sawsall to cut off the top. I got wet but didn't blow up.
If you get a drum with the liner in it just take it to a small body shop. They will sand blast the whole thing and then all you have to do is put it together. Burning out one of these drums is pretty labor intensive. Just decide how much your time is worth.
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