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Greetings Bretheren,

I originally posted this on the pickled pigs forum, but it is tumbleweed over there, so thought I'd give it another go. I admit I havent got through all 656 pages of this thread (There are only so many hours in the day) so hopefully I'm not wasting anybodies time.

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Don't really have a smoking culture over in Europe (I'm living in UK but originally from Ireland), definitely want to make a UDS.

A few q's.
1) Would having an access door for the fire basket take away from the consistency of the smoker? Without an access door, do you have to remove the food in order to refill the fire basket (assuming you had to adjust temperature etc.) Any links to tutorials which include an access door would be great.
I was also thinking about a pull out drawer at the bottom of the Drum for ease of cleaning. Maybe I'm over thinking this.

2) I work for a Food ingredients company, so i'm sure I can come across a few 55gallon drums, are there any of these that wouldn't need to be burned out etc. I'd imagine the drums I could get a hold of would of contained various oils (veg/pam etc) - it just seems like it would be a lot less hassle not to have to burn off the inside of the drum, sand it etc.

3) Could somebody explain to me what exactly the water pan some people have been talking about, where does it go? What does it do?

Thanks again for everyone who has posted in this thread, great information and when I get my build up and running i'll certainly post some pictures.

Also: Reconditioned Drums Sales would any of these be recommended?
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Thanks in advance, and once I get it done I'll certainly put a picture in the picture thread and spread the good word of smoking throughout Ireland and the UK.
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