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Default Wolf arrived, initial thoughts, and reflections on what power supply to go with

Today it actually came USPS and I had to go pick it up at the post office, they didn't leave it at my doorstep. I am not sure if it was because they wanted a signature or if its because I live in a rough area.

I was slightly disappointed because I realized that I bought Wolf, the one without the wireless remote. I was hoping that I was close enough to catching the Tiger for $99 deal, Wang should really post sale ending dates to not confuse people. It was also partially my fault because I initiated with a PM about the $99 wolf deal, then saw the $99 Tiger deal.

All of that aside out the box the kit looks great and has a pretty good fit and finish. I am missing instructions though and I am not sure if the Tiger & Lion instructions apply.

I also should have been doing some research on what I should power it with while it was shipping but I didn't. I thought this would be pretty simple and straight forward but it seems like there is slight confusion as to the power source on Wang's website especially since he states 12v 1.5 amp, then references 4-6 amps. I believe he is actually meaning to say a 1.5 amp/hr 12v battery or 4-6 amp/hour if you have a larger smoker because it will use more battery to maintain temp.

I am not an electrician, but I would like to think that I can understand how electricity works for the most part. If any of what I say below is off please help us understand better.

In the discussion that developed in thegizzards thread. There is a post on the cigarette lighter adapter, an alarm battery setup, and a lithium Ion setup. While some may work I wanted to put some basic concept of the power needed. I also want to ease some confusion on the power supply needed whether you have access to 110v or not.

Assuming that the PID Unit itself is designed for 12volts. Voltage is something that should always be matched to the device. On store electronics you'll see an operating voltage range, or fixed voltage rate because the electronics are looking or that voltage to interpret information or to sense.

The fan is obviously 12v and it says 2.0 A=amps, so the fan pulls a 2 amp load when it is running.

The controller itself doesn't give any voltage or amp rating but I am thinking its somewhere around 1-2 amp at max. Mr. Wang will hopefully know how much the controller draws

So to adequately supply power to your controller it should be 12v at 2amp fan + 2 amp controller = 12v - 4 amp power supply if you wanted it to run straight off of 110v and no battery.

You can get away with a lower amp power supply if you use a battery because the battery is storing/saving electricity when it doesn't have a full draw on it. I don't think smokers most of us are going to be running the fan at full tilt for very long amounts of time so it will drain and fill the battery, if you have too low of an amp rating and cant retain heat then your battery may be fully drained before you finish smoking. I would be interested to see someone test their battery before and after cooking to see if you have lost capacity.

So if you hook up a 12v- 4amp power supply and a 12v- 6 amp/hour battery you should be able to smoke as long as you want and when the power freakishly goes out you will be able to continue to keep that fan running at full tilt for another 2 hours, assuming that the fan and controller draw 3 amps. I will possibly set mine up this way, but I probably will drop the battery out of the equation and get a 12v- 5 amp brick to power it, and if I go off the grid I will just use a car battery with a 5 amp fuse.

Mr. Wang I hope this encourages you to get the amp loads on your controllers, and for you to edit your power supply info on your website.
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