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Android version ready for Pre-Release.

So I've been working on this thing on-off for a few weeks now, never really happy with it but I read an article today titled F**k it, Shipt It (sorry for the language, I hope the ** are ok?). So in the spirit of the article, I'm shipping it.

I will warn you, this version WILL stop working on 9/14. I plan to continue working on it so as long as you don't mind updating it it shouldn't be an issue. It is NOT posted on the android market so if you want to use it you will have to allow other sources.

It is hosted on Google Code Projects,

You are welcome to go there and look through the docs, screen shots are here,

Or you can just download it.

Currently it will NOT update the cyberq with setpoints, but it does have alarms built it for each probe, this is what I mostly use it for. I can set a high/low value and it will scream like a banshee when one is hit (click on the gauge of the probe to access). If you don't like the alarm it's using the default sound you have assigned to alarms like the alarm clock.

There is no current plan to provide graphs. Rick has that one pretty well covered with his windows app. This is only tested with the .8 firmware. I have not yet installed the 1.0 version on mine. However unless they changed the format of the status.xml it should work fine. I know it has some issues you can read about them on the google page. If you notice anything else or want to offer suggestions I'm all ears. I will say however I am NOT a UI developer, but I am a java programmer/enterprise architect by trade, they just mainly lock me in the back room to design/develop the web services, not the clients, you've been warned!

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