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Default Need help with licensing-BBQ

I have not had much luck searching the internet for some answers to my questions so I thought I would try here. My husband and I purchased a BBQ pit to open a mobile vending business. We are looking to do Festivals, farmers markets and then any private events we may acquire. We live in the stat of Florida and have got all the applications to get our Mobile food dispensing vehicle license. Here is the catch- some guys that my husband works with recently purchased a hot dog cart and have been very persistent that he joins their corporation. He finally gave in and has since been listed under their corporation and documented with the state of FL. I have felt very uneasy about this since the first talk of it. I was finally able to get a meeting with one of the guys in the corporation and asked how it benefited them by us joining their corp. his answer was because they would split the profit between the 4 guys listed on the corporation once all start up fees have been paid back to each respected party. I clarified with him that this meant, if my husband and I were doing an event with the BBQ and they were not present, they would still get 3/4 of the profit (split between them). This was the case and something I was really not ok with. I told him that I felt like they needed to be separate and if someone from his team was helping us with our BBQ event, they would get paid out accordingly. He later called me back and said he agreed and "was not thinking outside the box" I thought this would have been common sense.
OK-my question is- Is it a good idea to continue with THIER Corporation or continue as a sole proprietor and be in change our OWN business? Any pros and cons to this?
PLEASE help me understand what we may be getting ourselves into and I appreciate all feedback.
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