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Default First Time Beef Ribs on UDS w/ Pron

Hey Guys

Fired up the UDS for the first cook the other day, did some restaurant depot short ribs on the upper rack (deflector on bottom rack).

Did em right after work so they cooked for 4 hours at 275 w/ mesquite chunks over kingsford briquettes. no crutch, lazy cook day

Lightly trimmed the excess fat and rubbed em down with the Big Bad Beef Rub from



They sliced up really easy and bit right off the bone. This is my first time doing short ribs and I really like their flavor. Rub was phenomenal. Had some JD sauce on the plate but barely touched the stuff.

The radioactive glowing material is store bought potato salad (with a little help from my camera flash)... tater salad was freaking awful but the rest was tasty
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