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Originally Posted by Peddler View Post
This is what I'm curious about ... Is it that someone said or is it fact ... what is the liner composed of? If it's Teflon, we cook everyday with Teflon lined pans.
Inquiring Minds Want to Know.

Thanks again.
I don't cook everyday with teflon pans :-)......I would, but I do not really have any I use anymore. BUT parts of a UDS can sometimes get hotter than your average teflon pan, and I read somewhere that PTFE (teflon) when heated hot enough to start to vaporize, is one of the most deadly things you can come up with easily. Using a weed burner to light charcoal is one example of how parts of a UDS can get pretty hot, and another way I know if first hand is if some guy blows in there with a small shop vac set to blow not suck ;-).

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