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Youtube is blacked by our government in China.
I can not view it.
You do not need to set P,I,D, SL1,SL2, at this stage.

Quick Press "SET1" first time, it appears SC1, Use buttons of "<","+","-" to enter pit temperature
press "SET1" second time, it appears FC1, Use buttons of "<","+","-" to enter smoking time in minutes
press "SET1" third time, it appears AL1, Use buttons of "<","+","-" to enter low temperature alarm
press "SET1" 4th time, it appears AH1, Use buttons of "<","+","-" to enter high temperature alarm
press "SET1" 5th time, it appears SC2, Use buttons of "<","+","-" to enter value of "0"
Press :SET1" 6th time, OK

Press "SET2" quickly one time, enter P1, P1 is the target temperature of MEAT.
Press "SET2" quickly second time, enter T minute, T is hodling time of P1 .
Press "SET2" quickly third time, P2 appears,P2 is meat temperature after holding at P1 for T minutes
Press "SET2" quickly 4th time, P3 appears,P3 is MAXIMIUM PIT temperature during dolding period.
Press "SET2" 5th time
OK, well done

setting from your remote handy set is more easy.
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