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One thing I noticed about the "steak" seasonings, most of it is salt, or a lot of it anyway. I'd prefer I think to have direct control of how much salt goes on there.

I did my first Brisket like the "basic brisket" instructions, turned out great. Second one I injected it with beef broth, and used Weber Chicago steak seasoning layed on heavy, then some raw sugar. The first one was easier and better. The second one was too salty.

Also the weather turned on me after I prepped the second one, and it sat in the fridge overnight with the salt laced rub on it.

One thing in the basic brisket thread showed putting seasoning on the fat cap, which the video posted here of a BBQ school with the chicago steak seasoning and injecting pointed out that nothing is going to get through the fat anyway, so it was easier to not have to try to season the "bottom".

I want to try a hot and fast, but from my limited experience, why not try low and slow first ?? But then folks say Hot and Fast comes out nice more consistently :-).

I think on my second one I pulled it too soon, it was not probe tender enough, the tendency is to feel that your going to overcook it, but many have said that is not impossible to do at 225, but sure not as easy to do at 225 as many of us newbies THINK it is.

I need to buy or make a probe that I use as THE probe, using a meat thermo as a probe is fine, but now knowing WHICH one you used last time and every time leaves you unsure if it is as "butter" as the last one was, some probes are blunter than others.

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