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This Thread is for Charcoal burner ,,, not for smoker..Your Burner is not reverse flow. There is only one direction of flow of heat and smoke coming from burner . It is for burning of Pellets, wood chunks, and small pieces of charcoal. If you wish you can also burn sawdust, for (heat and smoke),,,,,,,,,Also when doing my test (again) without controller, i have to manually turn blower on and off. When doing so i have waited as long as 30 minutes before turning on blower.. Never have i had to re-light the burner, seems like the pellets keep burning so slow without a blower.. Temps only dropped about 10 degrees, in a 30 minute time frame.(Backwoods Competitor Pro Jr)....I am adding a seal, and latches for the lid.... As soon as i get my controller i will do a test run and provide either video or photos.......
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