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Originally Posted by woodpelletsmoker View Post
Low and Long smoking is NOT accepted in China. I can say NONE does it.
When I introduce it to Chinese, our chinese people reply that I am idoit.
Even some chinese living in Texas do not know this low and long smoking.
I guess these chinese never enter social life of native American.
Usually we eat Hot and Fast BBQ.
Picture can not show taste, which shall be No.1 concern.
But I do make bark and smoke ring,looks great.
and My brisket is very tender as I smoke at 140 F for 10+ hours usually.
My smoker is 280 square inches grill size, quite small. Also I add 1" thickness fire cement inside wall. Usually I use about 3 to 4 lbs of charcoal.
Be honest, I still do not understand flashbacks yet.
My burner is REVERSE flow. When you turn off the fan, the flame will come out of air inlet. In earlier design, the flame entered to fan through air inlet and melt the fan rotator. In new design I add shutter on the air inlet to prevent flame entering into fan.
Before I open cover of BURNER, I always turn off fan first.
Just to prevent blowing ash up to my eyes
The "flashbacks" or "backdraft" is when there is very hot fuel that is oxygen depleted and when air/oxygen is introduced, the fuel essentially explodes. These conditions occurs in building with fires that have the windows and door closed. Fuel off gases saturates the air. The someone open the door, the room explodes with fire from the gases and solid fuel. Arsonist and the military do it with flour, charcoal or other fuel that can be dispersed in fine particulates. There's a movie "Back Draft" that has an arsonist using it with a factious liquid fuel. With the kamado, the off gasses from the charcoal builds up and there a burst of fire that can shoot out then the lid is opened. Some recommend opening the vents before opening the lid.

Holding the meat at 140 F for 10 hours is long and slow. Most of my bbq has been with a hot fire in the old days with tender well marbled meats steaks or rotessier cooking. With the super lean tough meats in the US now for choice and below grades, long slow cook or tenderizing solution are needed for all but the primal cuts.
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