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Default Your Worst Turn In Box Ever! Pt.2

I tried to post in the sticky, wouldn't let me. I really liked the thread, as a newcomer, wanted to share some of my experiences, but my Results were better than my best BBQ. Weird!!
Cooked the ribs to the point that they fell apart when slicing. Thought they were the worst we have ever turned in. 1st place out of 108 entries, chappel hill VFD Tx.

A year ago, turned in a brisket that was tender but super salty but actually had good flavor when you chased it with a margarita , dominated by a TQ ring, got 3rd

Put too much pickling spice in the brine, tasted like smoky chai tea, got 3rd of 56

Box looks bare, minimal portions, king of coals Brenham Tx last year, got 2nd.

The pattern I see is cook BBQ really well, do decent. Turn in bad BBQ, crappy boxes and win. I don't understand it. I have only done 12 sanctioned comps, but damn I thought this stiff was gonma get DAL!!!
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