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it's frustratingly fun making your own sauce. it was a crazy journey for me -- started out with a basic recipe and tweaked it to my liking, bombed a few times, started over-thinking it and it turned into a 'kitchen sink' sauce, re-tooled it to make it simpler, was kinda 'meh', tried an old family recipe, was very 'blah', wife was getting irritated as there was no consistency with the recipes... and THEN, out of nowhere, i said 'screw it', slapped some very simple ingredients together and -- voila. had to tame my heat ingredients just a tad for my wife, but trying out my 'perfected' sauce this weekend on some BB's.

long story short -- don't over-think it, simple is better. you're bound to hit some bumps in the road, but it may just 'come out of nowhere'. (and happy wife = happy life )
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