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Originally Posted by caseydog View Post
Water weight took mine out, too. I bought a new frame, and put grommets in my canopy right where water likes to collect. My canopy has a company logo on it (read: expensive), that was unharmed, so I wanted to keep that.
Yes, I should have burned small holes into the canopy where the water likes to collect earlier, I only did it after the first collapse (that's the one on the picture), which I could temporarily fix with power tape to save last Sunday's cook, but kaput is kaput, and another storm broke and bent more of the roof rods (it's still standing as of writing this, but only because I used a garden shovel to support one of the stands.

Originally Posted by caseydog View Post
BTW, the EZ-Up warrantee covers that collapse, as long as you are within the warrantee period. Mine was a couple years out of warrantee, and the seller sold me a new frame for 25-pecent off.
My easy-up pavilion was a special offer from a local hardware store, the frame definitely can not be purchased separately, and there was no warranty card enclosed. I have no idea, if mine is of the same construction as yours, and I am not quite sure how I can make a warranty claim under these conditions. Do you have a warranty card that shows how such a collapse is covered?

Originally Posted by malibulvr View Post
I feel your pain, we just lost our 10x10 last weekend. I went for pizza and then the storm ran in. We had 4 people holding onto it but the wind still took her up and on top of my roof. Everything is bent and broken, pains me to put her down, only used it 3 times.
It's a tragedy, mine was standing just a few weeks, I didn't care to mount and dismount it for the weekly cook, so my WSM and the pavilion were standing in the garden the whole time. We had a lot of storms in the meantime and it survived them all but the last one, I really thought it can not be harmed at all. Lesson learned, hopefully the new one with its steel pipe construction does better (hopefully I'll find the time today to unmount the old one and mount the new one).
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