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Wang, Even harsh reviews can be useful to improve a product. A warning on what not to do is also useful. I'm getting into Kamado and one of the big warning is not to open the lid quickly or a flashback can occur. It's a nature of slow cooking with charcoal using hot charcoal and air depletion to control the temp. There are lots of warning on what type of woods not to use for smoking (from flare ups, to bad taste and poisons, etc.) Some kamado comes with many warning and explanations and some don't. The ones that don't will likely get complains when someone blows the lid off when open it quickly. The blow off the lid can happen with any Kamado but will occur more for those mfg that don't give a warning. For customers' satisfaction and safety, it's best to include the warning and instructions on how to properly use the product.

There no perfect product, especially on earlier models. Each revision allows for improvements. The worse review may be a non-review where issues can not be address (for example "I don't or I like it." -- It may be true that the reviewer doesn't like it or like it, but there's no indication on what is wrong, what right and what can be improved or fixed.)

I would like to know, for preventing flashbacks, it's it best to open the fuel lid with the fan on, off or turn it on then off? If you open the lid with the fan on, will ash be blown out of the top of the bin?

SA, How many pound of charcoal per hour are you using? For that amount of charcoal, how much can be cooked (x Ibs of briskets, y Ibs of roast, # of pork butts)? Looking forward to seeing some pictures of the finished products (bbq and food) and your assessment on taste using Wang's burner vs traditional smoking.
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