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Default Pepperoncini wrapped "Little Smokies", wrapped in Pretzels

Hey all,
I've seen so many good recipies here I was beginning to feel bad I wasn't sharing as well. Soooo....Here's my first repayment for the recipies I've ripped off from y'all.

Some of these are pretzles are stuffed with just the sausages, some of the sausages are stuffed into the peppers, then into the pretzles.

Oh wow. I got the highest complements from the family on this one. I'll be doing this again.
The pretzel recipe is a
direct ripoff of an Alton Brown recipe I found >> HERE <<.
I don't have a mixer with a dough hook attachment, but a single beater on a regular hand mixer worked "ok". I did some some kneading by hand to top things off.
If you're interested, follow his recipe, but instead of making pretzel shapes, just grab a hunk and wrap it around the little wiener before you drop it in the boiling water.
The epic ones were the ones I made where I cut the tops off a pepperoncini and stuck the wiener inside before I wrapped the dough.

It only got more epic by putting Chipotle Mustard on top of the ones with the pepperoncini's inside....oh wow.... WINNING!!!!!

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