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To the question at hand. 1.00 seems to be about right, in your area I would think there are a few good sharpeners who will do a good job. I would learn to do them myself, it really is not so hard. Or have this guy work on one of your knives and give it a try.

If these are inexpensive knives I would not bother to have them professionally sharpened, unless they have been really abused and lost their profile.

Cheaper steal is easier too sharpen and therefor easier to keep an edge with more frequent use of a steal. Better quality knives are a bit more difficult to put an edge on but will hold a better edge longer, again with regular uses of a steal.

I recommend buying a good steal and a leather stoup, no matter what the quality of your knives or if you have them sharpened, they will still need to be touched up between use.

A lot of people here use the gato or lansky, type, I recommend something different for personal preference reasons.
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