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Originally Posted by Cloudsmoker View Post
FWIW - At JOS school, Myron recommends people should buy rubs but make their own sauces. Mixon claims that the Average Joe simply cannot buy the quality ingredients for rubs that food service companies use (and even his own rubs were not as good as the ones with his recipe now being sold under his label). Great sauces, however, can be made from store available ingredients, are more easily adjusted to your own personal tastes, and are gemerally better when made fresh. Just sayin.

Personally, I make a KC style BBQ sauce, just adapted for the tastes and ingredients my wife likes best. Happy wife, happy life.
If you're just using the discount brand spices and herbs from Albertsons then maybe - otherwise I call BS on the rubs. Even fairly small cities have specialty stores like Pendery's in easy driving distance. A decently stocked herb garden - even an indoor - is easy to do and doesn't require much space or equipment. It's just not hard to get spices that are superior to the cheap crap at the grocery. Hell, most people would be better of just using fresh cracked pepper instead of the pre-cracked and packaged stuff.
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