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Found some matches.
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fastfleet.... you should check out craiglist, like everyday, for people getting rid of drums

if you don't mind doing a little work to clean out, but i imagine if you are building a UDS you don't mind getting your hands dirty

here in brooklyn i found a guy selling drums that formerly held perfume at 20 bucks a pop not sure if he's still around... we shall see

last week i got INSANELY lucky and found a guy moving out of his apartment and sold me his basically brand new UDS for 65 bucks with a cover and some free cherry wood.

i've never had one before, and havent had a chance to cook on it yet (busy prepping for last weekends Smokin at the Maples). Set up a basket, bag of kingsford, with a lit chimney stack atop it a la minon method. got my valves straight. it held at 250 for 16 hours then i doused is because i had to get out to long island... still some unlit coals in there. man these things are great.. can't wait for my first butts over brisket

But getting back to the point... check craigslist once a day when u can and you may be able to find a drum. search terms can be tricky because of people selling music drum kits. "gallon drum" "55 Gallon" and "steel drum" are what i usually use
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