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I mounted (TEMP) to my Backwoods Competitor Pro Jr. Just to do futher testing, No controller hooked up.....and using Traeger pellets.....put 2 pieces of lite charcol in burner,turned on fan,filled fuel bin 1/2 full of pellets.....Put on lid......33 minutes later the temp in Smoker was 277 deg.....turned of blower....checked 1 hour later temps fell to 238 deg...turned fan back on ran for 3 minutes.....temps rose back to 272.... i kept doing this hoping to run out of pellets... All of this started at 3:05 PM and the Smoker at this time is at 249 deg and it is 7:47 PM ......4 3/4 hours on less than 2 lbs of pellets.... (fuel bin is still almost 1/4 full,and there has not been a back burn in Fuel Bin) When i get my new controller,i'll get it hooked up and see what happens.....also i"ll need to make an adapter to mount the burner correctly....JFYI
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