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Originally Posted by thegizzard View Post
Gr8adventure, were you able to test your unit with the UDS set at 60?

BTW, the way I got to 60 was by following the instructions, and as you said the fan never started moving, but I did start hearing an increasingly loud high pitched whine coming from the fan. This led me to believe the fan was trying to start. So I gave it a little nudge. At 60, it kept spinning after my nudge. So I've kept it at 60. Also, I have the HDC set at 97%.
I miscommunicated when I said "UDS" set to 60. What I've actually done is set the maximum "UDC" (fan speed) to 60%. Now that I think about higher would likely be better to get the temp up quickly without have to use manual mode so maybe I'll set it to 80% or more.

Now that the directions have begun to make more sense to to me I realize now what I need to set is the minimum "UDC" (fan speed). This is the one that the directions say need to be adjusted until the fan begins running. That I'll do when its all attached to the UDS with a fire going.

I thing all this is beginning to make sense to me now. I've also begun to realize the part of my confusion has been that there seems to be some digital settings that come up on the display as I'm going through the settings I've not found explanations for in the directions.

Apparently I when it come to this stuff I belong on the Short Bus!

No, I never ended up firing up the smoker Sunday and now I will not be able to until this coming weekend. Hopefully by then I'll have this all figured out. However, I did cook my first beer can chicken using my Weber Kettle. It turned out well, but made me wonder how much better it would be on the UDS low n' slow. The goal for next weekend is Butts or Bust on the UDS running the controller.

I did get the fan attached to my UDS in a way that has it out of the way of feet and other hazards. I'll post a picture when I have more time.
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