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Originally Posted by bobbyp View Post
You need to stop whinging and make it clear, exactly which type of fuels your burner works properly on.
If you do not, and someone hurts themselves who will be responsible?

You have a very clever idea, but your product does not work correctly under various circumstances.

Fix it or withdraw it before someone gets hurt and you have no buisness whatsoever.

I have been very generous, passing you back all the data and feedback from our tests, you have also agreed with there being a significant risk, but in the year since these tests were carried out you have done nothing to perfect the product, or warn people of the risks of using the wrong fuel.

This is gross negligence, and should the worst happen (which I sincearly hope it doesnt) you will be held accountable and prosecuted for corporate manslaughter/homocide.

I wish you the best of luck with the re-development of your burner.

This is hypothetical as the Jury is still out on what happened to your product. So we are talking hypothetically about safety. We are going to use an internationally made wood pellet gravity feeder as an example though.


Actually, by American Standards, one needs to make a product that is smarter than the customer. Sure there is a line of stupidity... the customer cannot do things blatantly that are stupid and expect the vendor to bail his ass out, but using the wrong kind of pellets in the product is careless perhaps... and also, if just a disclaimer in the manual (if the vendor ship you one to protect their ass) well.... that's enough until a catastrophe occurs. Like EXPLODING.

Wood.... I think if it has not been scrubbed you gave evidence of your own reasons why your product would explode from using the wrong pellets.

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Now that said... what about if the product it traded, sold or given to someone else that is not the original buyer? That product still has to be safe... it still needs to be safe even if you load the wrong pellet. Comparing kerosene to water is not like two type of pellets... nor is gun powder (even though it has charcoal in it)---by a logical standpoint. Its like saying Cocaine is organic and safe because all natural things are safe. Pellets are in essence, comparable while water and kerosene are vastly different things.

Closing the case further... Its ENTIRELY okay to make a product that fails to work well and flame out if you use the wrong pellet... it is NOT okay to continue to make one that is unsafe.... and again... if you are going to make a product it needs to be made safe under reasonable operation... using the wrong pellets is an easy mistake.... filling it with gun powder is not reasonable. When a product is made and tested in this country that test is part of the equation. They do their best to find those weaknesses.

Bob.. as far as who you would sue if the product explodes... I am not sure what the remedies would be for an international application not approved for sale in this country (meaning its a private sale--- I am not saying you have to have one Wood). I know that with the myriad of American distributors of gravity feeders (whose products do not explode by the way -- not saying yours does wood) we can take them to court, we can report them to BBB and other entities... the consumer has remedies. Heck... if we want... we can actually go to their place of business... or have them served to appear in court.

The folks in the UK recognized this consumer predicament early on.

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