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Yep it's true. Most people if they're gonna sauce them or add anything that isn't their own juices simply add SOME BBQ sauce, but for me I typically just cube it up, add some rub, and add its own juices back in. I'll leave the sauce for application onto the sandwich if that's what they're going to be used as. My wife loathes BBQ sauce, but slathers mustard on burnt ends, I like sauce in severe moderation, and my kids love bathing stuff in BBQ sauce.

Now, what I'll typically do is add some stock to the juices as well. Either some vegetable stock, or some beef stock. Mostly just for the sake of having a half inch of liquid in the pan so the juices don't burn the pan itself.

Beef is better, but if I've got a lot of homemade veggie stock and my beef stock isn't that much, I'll throw the veggie stock in. Adds a nice depth of flavor, in my opinion.

Voila, burnt ends! Ready for saucing, or just gobbling.
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