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Originally Posted by jetfxr27 View Post
I get a battery low alert constant and have tried 3 sets of batteries. The freshest pair read around 1.45v. I am assuming the remote is voltage hungry with backlighting etc. Can you check your batteries?
The Lion does not have a remote, but I thought I could provide some information on how I power my Lion. The same options work for Tiger.

1) Sealed Lead Acid Battery.

This is a standard alarm system battery I had lying around the house. It is 12v @ 5ah. It produces more than enough power to run the Lion and Fan. The only downside to this battery is it's size (3.5" x 4" x 3")

I use this charger, that I purchased from amazon at the link below:

2) One day I forgot to charge the battery, so I used this 12v wall wort. At 12v @ 2A it provides enough power for the LION and Fan. As the inventor of the product has indicated, 12v @ 2A is the minimum that should be used. In my case, I had a few of these lying around.

Finally I purchased this Lithium Ion Battery from eBay, which I am waiting to arrive. It cost $31 and will take a couple of weeks to get here from China. I tried to find the equivalent at my local Batteries Plus store, but all they had were Seal Lead Acid and other similar options.

I am looking forward to the Lithium Ion for its long lasting power small size. It should fit in the Stainless Steel Box nicely.

I hope this helps with the part of your question on powering the Tiger.
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