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Most Rolls Royce Jet engines run on Kerosene (jet fuel).

If the jet engine was invented now, and the designer said;
"This jet engine will run on gasolene or Kerosene" (which it will,,,sort of) and people tried to run it on Gasolene and it blew up, who would be responsible?

You need to stop whinging and make it clear, exactly which type of fuels your burner works properly on.
If you do not, and someone hurts themselves who will be responsible?

You have a very clever idea, but your product does not work correctly under various circumstances.

Fix it or withdraw it before someone gets hurt and you have no buisness whatsoever.
I have been very generous, passing you back all the data and feedback from our tests, you have also agreed with there being a significant risk, but in the year since these tests were carried out you have done nothing to perfect the product, or warn people of the risks of using the wrong fuel.

This is gross negligence, and should the worst happen (which I sincearly hope it doesnt) you will be held accountable and prosecuted for corporate manslaughter/homocide.

I wish you the best of luck with the re-development of your burner.

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