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Default Burner fuel

So what have I said that is incorrect or misleading?
Residue or additives in pellet forms a kind of clanker and blocks the grate.
The heat and air then are forced to go up to fuel bin and flamble gases are released from pellet and may expolde. The "explode" is also contributed to your PID controller and
This is exactly what I said in my post??????????
I warned of potencial problems relating to the type of fuel used in the burner.
I would be interested to know (from an engineering point of view) why you feel that the use of a different type of thermostat and fan system could prevent the risk as detailed above?
If you are already aware of this potencial design/use flaw, what steps have you taken to stop it happening? What warnings are you giving to purchasers to avoid the circumstances occuring?
Maybe you should withdraw the unit from sale until this issue is fully resolved and/or stop refering to it as a "pellet burner" and suggest it only be used for charcoal.

Product safety.
When you buy something over the internet, the "sale" is made in the country of origin, and your "property" is then shipped to you by the company envolved.
You would not be able to certificate it for sale in the uk, and probably not in the US.
The designer has just admitted that there is a particular design flaw, that if used with highly calorific resinous hardwood pellets, it may explode, or more likely, cause an explosion within the cooking chamber.
Due to the fact that the "sale" was made outside the US or UK, there would be little or no comeback should a serious incident occur (international court proceedings are very longwinded and rarely succesful).

In essence the design is very, very clever.
in practicality, it is with full admission of the designer, flawed and potencialy dangerous.

Every time we fire up a an offset/pellet burner even a UDS, we are filling the cooking chamber with a combination of air, water vapour and flammable gases. All you have to do is get those in the wrong proportions and bang.

Play safely kids.

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