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I am going to make an attempt to actually DEFEND woodpellet and he said something that has me thinking. Perhaps he will become wiser in this. He says correctly he needs to "calm down." He also says he is an inventor. I believe he has passion in his product... people that make things tend to defend to the death. That passion to create something is essentially why the damn thing got made in the first place.

They typically are not good at selling the product and handling the questions. I remind you all of the adage of your corporate IT guy that insists the problem with your computer or program is you and not the program, meanwhile they end up correcting the very syntax that caused the issue. It is the nature of what makes an inventor great!

Lately, due to whatever, Wood has been pretty hard on those who question him... and that does NOT mean he sells a bad product I guess.

NOW I HAVE to mention the Stoker because all this sort of happened before when the Stoker rolled out in 2006 and 2007. Now its a great product... but it took time. It also took John Jackson a bit to get his bearings on how to handle the success of his product. I am not mentioning the Stoker because I work for him either... or even because I am a Stoker benefactor. I mention it because the history is the same.

John initially was so busy he could not handle the volume when the Stoker came out. He lived in Cali and and initailly there are things you just don't know are going to happen until you sell the units. The first thing was the stoker got screwy when it was cold. He FIXED that but the legend went on. Here is me telling everyone it was fixed.


Then I had first I was blamed for the problem... then it wqas apparent there was a glitch because the power supply. I later proved the unit could handle 41 pounds of charcoal and about half a cord face of wood.

Again its NOT an endorsement of Stoker... I am relating start-up problems here with a similar product.

Then there was another problem John could never foresee. Core out.
Core out


I think we need to understand that this forum is FAMOUS for diddling with **** until we make it work. I did so with the Stoker, heck, we all dickered with the frailties of the New Branfels Smoker, The UDS all sort of things and we are going to get passionate about things. The mentioning of the Stoker is really to show we have been here before. Wang, yes, the best way to handle adversity (and mind you I say this as a seller... not as Pitmaster) is to calm down and NOT assassinate someone's character just because they question or mention a problem that is known or even rumored.

I Know KY and know him to be honest. People know me and know I would not ask you for money. They say in sales "if you are arguing your not selling" and the ABCs of selling are ALWAYS BE SELLING.

Explain yourself with no insults. I say that as a seller, not the character I play here in this forum.

It will work out fine I swear if you do this. John I think eventually had to hire someone to speak for him while he worked on making his product better... and it is. I know you love and are dedicated to your invention (well.... its a modification on an existing product thats been on the marfket for at least 6 years) and take it personally when someone talks about it... it is like a child. I understand, but take your advice and "calm down."

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