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Since I got my first Kettle (DE, OTS) about a year and a half ago, I've been keeping my eye out on CL for more additions. It's been harder than I thought it would be. Just not many Weber charcoals on CL around here, for some reason.

Then, I lucked into 2 that got posted on the same day. The next morning, I picked up both.

A little Smokey Joe (DO) for $12, which was advertised to include an electric starter and a bottle of lighter fluid. I took the starter (doubt I'll ever use it though) and asked her to kindly discard that lighter fluid for me.

The big find was a beautiful blue, DE, 22.5" OTG for $45. He claimed to have only used it once and it looked that way.
I assume it has to be a Gold. It's blue, has 2 handles, and has the hinged grate. Oddly, it didn't have the factory ash catcher or any clues that it was ever there. He'd put a trash can lid in place of what he described as the OTS disk. The clips for the disk are still there.

Did they ever make OTG's without the factory ash catcher? It seems that's what this is.

Anyway, I'm way more excited than I ought to be for these finds. My only complaint is that they were in better shape that I'd hoped for. I wanted to feel like I was salvaging them, but all they required was a minor wipe down and grate cleaning.

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